Preserving Aztec Symbols and the Legacy of Aztec's

Published: 14th July 2010
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It is not impossible that even these days, we are able to still discover various Aztec symbols imprinted or engraved in flags, loose change, sites, etc. The reason is there are many people who are attached to of many Aztec symbols that depict a civilization that's been lost over time and history books.

In case you are no stranger to the Aztecs, you should know that they're one of the most unexplainable people ever. Amongst all of those other historic civilizations which have been unknown to many people, the Aztecs are the ones who tend to be keen on symbolisms since they often worship numerous gods. So it's not a big shock to anyone that numerous historians that have recently been obsessed with the research into this amazing cultures might attempt to search the many Aztec symbols along the way.

Perhaps one of the most famous Aztec symbols would be the Aztec calendar. The Aztec calendar appears having a sun printed or drawn across the outside. This really is famous because of the fact that Aztec people have an inclination towards sun, which they will say is their key god. They have perhaps established this point due to the numerous places and constructions made by the Aztec men and women that have the sun engraved on them.

So that you can understand the Aztec symbols, you need to know foremost the several beliefs and understanding systems that the Aztec people have set up thru their living. The religion system these people had established is founded on the mix of the shamanism, animism and polytheism. Beyond this, it's presumed that human sacrifices have played extremely critical roles in the organization involving the belief system. As with many historical cultures, human sacrifices are perceived as being the biggest honors that mortals can provide to their gods.

Besides the sun, an additional Aztec symbol which has played an important role could be the planet Venus. Much like the sun, the planet Venus can be regarded as the counterpart by which they offer various sacrifices to get that longed-for supremacy and prosperity. Furthermore, the moon also played an extremely important role. The moon is also worshipped by the Aztecs because it is thought that the moon could be the god which looks over the farmers in order to provide sustainable nutrition to the people.

As a result of these things, many of the Aztec symbols presently are seen as designed to stand for the gods of the Aztecs. Aside from the sun, moon and also the planet Venus, the two main goddesses of the Aztecs that can also be found in several Aztec symbols: Centzon Hutznahua and Chalchiuhtlicue, which are the goddess of springs and earth, respectively.

Yet another addition to those Aztec symbols could be the maize. The maize, certainly, is often recognized by us as the corn. Within the ancient civilization, corn was the regular food staple of the people, and symbolized the food that sustained the people all through the entire year. A further Aztec symbol that you'd likely see hiding around would be the body of humans that are deemed as honorable sacrifices for their gods. Most of these Aztec symbols can still be found these days engraved in t-shirts, calendars, walls, buildings, and many more.

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